Enhanced Wellness Program

Foresite Healthcare — Technology to Deliver Proactive Care

At Boulder Ponds Senior Living, our whole-person approach includes the most innovative and effective technologies to enhance the safety, security, and wellbeing of our residents. We proudly use Foresite, an intelligent, wireless, sensor-based safety system that’s proven to help reduce falls and prevent hospitalizations.

It allows us monitor residents’ health, predict the possible risk of a fall, and receive immediate alerts if there’s a change in health status or a fall occurs. It allows you to breathe a sigh of relief — knowing your mom, dad, family member, or friend is getting the best possible care to avoid an injury or illness arises. And it allows your loved one to age magnificently.

Benefits for You and Your Loved One

Continuous Detection for Greater Peace of Mind

Routine health monitoring can reduce the risk of illness and injury. With continuous monitoring of 30 different factors, we can identify and address health concerns earlier for peace of mind and optimal wellbeing.

Predictive Insights and Alerts for Safety Now and in the Future

Forsite’s fall detection and proactive monitoring collects health data that enables us to provide personalized and early intervention. The system alerts staff if a fall occurs. And it tracks vital signs such as pulse rate, respiration, and restlessness, and alerts staff if there are signs of health changes.

Individualized In-Home Monitoring for the Best in Care

Foresite technology couples artificial intelligence with deep machine learning and predictive analytics. The data provided allows us see signs of changing healthcare needs, assess a resident, and develop a preemptive care plan.

Wireless, Privacy-Protecting Technology for Security

Our system safeguards your personal health information and ensures safety and security while remaining completely unobtrusive and protecting privacy. The chair, bed and wall-mounted sensors (no cameras are used) mean residents don’t have to wear a device to monitor their unique movement patterns and vital signs.

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